Customize Your Own Plan


Revise a plan of ours to your liking.

Perhaps you see a floor plan we have to offer that could work but the overall size is too small... or too big.  Or you like the overall size of a home plan, but want to rearrange the room layouts.   Sit down with us and talk about revising one of our existing plans to customize it specifically for you!

Let us design a plan for you from scratch.

You've come across photos of homes you've really liked, or dreamed about a specific house type since you were young...  Call our sales agent to set up a meeting with us to discuss  how we can help design a whole new house plan for you!

Schedule a meeting today to get started!

Please call our sales agent at 518-321-6575 or CONTACT US here to request meeting with us personally at our 1461 Route 9, Moreau NY 12828 office to discuss getting you into a New Constructed Home!