Deed Restrictions - All Lots

Private Residence Use Only

Lot shall be for private residence purposes only and exclusively. Only 1 residence shall be erected on each lot & occupied by not more than 1 family.

Garages Required

Each residence must have a garage for vehicle parking & storage of personal property only.  IF converted to living, a garage space must be added. 

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds shall conform to the architectural style & color scheme of the residence. conform to building code, & be constructed behind the back line of the residence.

Recreational Vehicles

RV and trailers, includeing but not limited to boats, all-terrain, motorcycles, snowmobiles, RV or campers, transport trailers or like vehicles shall not be permitted on the Lot unless stored only in the rear of Lot behind the back building line of home. 

No unregistered Vehicles

No unregistered vehicles shall be permitted on the Lot unless stored in a garage or accessory structure.  

All Storage Kept Inside

Temporary or permanent storage of any materials or items, including garden equipment, building materials, automobile parts or animal cages, shall be kept inside the residence, a garage, or a shed. 

DEED Restrictions - edens way lots

1700 sq ft minimum above ground living space

All residences must be constructed with a minimum of 1700 sq ft, not including garage spaces.

Pave Driveways Required

All residences must be constructed with a garage and paved driveway or superior finish.  

Pool & Fences

Pools & fences must comply with local town ordinance and municipal building code. 

No noxious or offensive activity

No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried out upon any portion of the Lot, nor shall anything be done thereon that may be a nuisance to anyone. 

Firewood Limitations

No more than 1 cord of firewood any be stored outside of the residence, and  must be stacked neatly, uncovered and stored adjacent to the side or near the rear of the residence. 

Copy of complete list of filed deed restrictions